Our Vision

The strength of our tree canopy is intertwined with the health of Nashvillians and the quality of our natural environment.

Our vision is to build a tree canopy for Nashville that creates more equitable, healthy, climate-resilient neighborhoods.

What does an equitable, healthy, climate-resilient city look like?

Our guiding principles

We work to create an equitable canopy distribution by focusing our planting efforts in areas with fewer trees. Too often, neighborhoods with less canopy coverage are lower-income, and have a higher population percentage of people of color. Learn more about Root Nashville’s impact areas.

Study after study shows that human health is linked to the many environmental benefits provided by the proximity to higher percentages of tree-canopy coverage. More trees means healthier children, seniors, families, and communities.


Trees draw down pollution from the air, cool cities, drink up thousands of gallons of stormwater, supply homes for wildlife, and protect streams from polluted runoff. The environmental benefits of trees are so numerous as to be one of the campaign’s chief motivators.


Our partnership with Metro and our grassroots approach to planting create meaningful opportunities for community engagement, input, and participation from Nashville residents, nonprofits, businesses, elected officials, and neighborhood leaders. All newly planted 1”-caliper trees (and seedlings that survive their first year after planting) count towards the citywide Root Nashville goal, no matter who plants them — nonprofits, local government, individuals, or businesses. We are all in this together.


It’s not enough to plant thousands of trees. To survive and thrive, these trees need proper care. Our professional Tree Care Program delivers watering and maintenance services to newly-planted trees — especially during the hottest, driest months of their first few years.