Fall 2021 Street Trees

Street trees are coming to neighborhoods of Madison, North Nashville, and South Nashville in the fall of 2021.

Through the Root Nashville campaign, Metro Water Services is coordinating the planting of street trees in the right-of-way in the areas around Madison Park (Madison), Osage/North Fisk (North Nashville), and Chestnut Hill (South Nashville). Street trees reduce stormwater runoff and flooding, provide shade and cleaner air, and of course, add neighborhood character and beauty. Learn more below and check out the informational videos for each neighborhood.


Examples of newly planted street trees

What is the right-of-way?

The right-of-way is public property that extends from approximately the location of a water meter in a front yard towards the street — or, the green strip between a sidewalk and the street.


What the right-of-way includes. Image source: Minneapolis Parks & Recreation

Who will take care of new street trees?

These trees will be watered and maintained by contractors. You do not need to pay for the trees, or for their care, if trees are planted near you.

What if I don’t want a tree in front of my house?

Although the right-of-way is public property, for neighborhood street tree plantings residents will have the option to opt out of having free trees planted in front of their homes. To opt out, call (615) 862-4733 and leave a voicemail, or reach out to hello@rootnashville.org.

What are the benefits of street trees?

We need a healthy tree canopy in order to have a healthy population, because trees help cool temperatures and provide shade in the summer, and provide cleaner air to breathe. They also reduce stormwater runoff, help prevent flooding, and filter our water as it enters the Cumberland River (Nashville’s drinking water source). Learn more here about the many positives that urban street trees bring our neighborhoods.

When will the trees be planted?

Trees will be planted in the next planting season, between mid-October 2021 and March 2022. Planning will take place over the spring and summer of 2021.

What kinds of trees are being planted?

Depending on each particular location, an appropriate-sized, hardy tree is proposed for each site: either a tree that in maturity is small (15-30 feet tall), medium (30-50 feet tall), or large (more than 50 feet tall). Flags that denote the size tree will be put in the ground at each proposed planting site.

Where can I find examples of past street tree planting projects?

Check out 11th Ave North in North Nashville (near Slim & Husky’s, off Buchanan Street) and on Neely’s Bend in Madison outside the Candlewood development. These trees were planted in early 2021, and are good examples of what these new projects for fall 2021 will also look like when completed.

What are the next steps?

Property owners with trees being proposed nearby will receive a letter in the mail in summer 2021, and flyers on front porches as well. Street signs will also be posted.

Additional questions?

Please call (615) 862-4733 and leave a voicemail, or reach out to hello@rootnashville.org.

Information sessions: Videos with Eric Kuehler (Metro Arborist with Metro Water Services) and Meg Morgan (Cumberland River Compact)

Click here for the Madison presentation

Click here for the North Nashville presentation

Click here for the South Nashville presentation

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