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Adding trees to TreePlotter

You’ve planted a tree. Now join the citywide movement and make sure your tree counts toward our big planting goal!

Find Your Perfect Tree

Over 1,000 different species of tree call North America home. So how do you choose the right kind of tree for you?

Celebratory Trees: Honoring AmeriCorps Anniversary

At a special planting on October 29, 2019, the Root Nashville campaign partnered with Hands On Nashville, Volunteer Tennessee, and Nashville Inner City Ministry to plant 40 trees around a playground and community center.

Where to Put Down Roots: Choosing a Planting Site

You’re ready to plant a tree this fall… but where should it go? Learn more about five important components — climate, soil, structure, topography, and sunlight — to keep in mind when determining planting location.

Forest bathing? It’s real, and so are its benefits

Admittedly, the term “forest bathing” does sound a bit odd. (It might even leave you wondering if it’s legal!) But forest bathing is very real, and on World Mental Health Day, we wanted to show the mental health benefits of being around trees, as well as some other overall health benefits.

Tree Lovers of Nashville: Dorothy Holman

Nashville native Dorothy “Dot” Holman is a community activist, author, and a member of Nashville’s Metro Tree Advisory Committee. And she has loved trees her whole life.

Read more about her history and how she is spreading the message about tree benefits in our conversation below. Trust us: you will be inspired!

Urban greenway through dense forest

Why urban forests matter to Nashville

Most people will agree that the world’s most beautiful places are almost always green. Trees add beauty to any environment. New Yorkers attest that Central Park is a gem of the city, and an aerial shot of Manhattan quickly reveals the legendary park as a green oasis amidst a sea of concrete.