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Planting Trees for Water Quality

Every year, the Cumberland River Compact and Metro Water Services plant thousands of trees throughout Davidson County in support of the Root Nashville campaign. At first glance, it may seem out of place that these two water-focused organizations spend their efforts on the land growing our tree canopy.

Meet Danylo Lazarenko of Woodbine

Originally from Ukraine, Danylo is a long-time Nashvillian who has served his neighborhood of Woodbine across multiple seasons as a Neighborhood Planting Captain.

Nonprofit Project Highlight: Progress, Inc.

This past year, the Cumberland River Compact offered a new opportunity in support of their Root Nashville campaign: grants for nonprofits to apply for tree-planting projects on private property. These grants allowed us the opportunity to work with the wonderful nonprofit Progress, Inc. on a project planting 25 large trees on their headquarters.

Tree Watering 101

Watering your tree properly is one of the most important steps for long-term tree health. Trees are pretty tough and resilient, so if you water it once a week during the summer, you should be all set.