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Tree Watering 101

Watering your tree properly is one of the most important steps for long-term tree health. Trees are pretty tough and resilient, so if you water it once a week during the summer, you should be all set.

American Elms: Stately and Statuesque

The American Elm is a staple of eastern forests and cities alike. Its seeds support a wide variety of wildlife, and its dense canopy can cool any summer day.

Tree Lovers of Nashville: Ingrid Campbell

We plant trees through the Cumberland River Compact’s private property programs – but also build community by bringing neighbors together, with the help of amazing leaders like Ingrid Campbell.

Eastern Redbud: The First Blush of Spring

It’s the middle of winter now, but it’s never too early to start dreaming of the blossoming spring. Get inspired by the native Eastern Redbud in part 5 of our species highlights.