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Meet Danylo Lazarenko of Woodbine

Originally from Ukraine, Danylo is a long-time Nashvillian who has served his neighborhood of Woodbine across multiple seasons as a Neighborhood Planting Captain.

Nonprofit Project Highlight: Progress, Inc.

This past year, the Cumberland River Compact offered a new opportunity in support of their Root Nashville campaign: grants for nonprofits to apply for tree-planting projects on private property. These grants allowed us the opportunity to work with the wonderful nonprofit Progress, Inc. on a project planting 25 large trees on their headquarters.

Tree Watering 101

Watering your tree properly is one of the most important steps for long-term tree health. Trees are pretty tough and resilient, so if you water it once a week during the summer, you should be all set.

American Elms: Stately and Statuesque

The American Elm is a staple of eastern forests and cities alike. Its seeds support a wide variety of wildlife, and its dense canopy can cool any summer day.