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Get Ready for Growing Season: Spring Tree Care Tips

As Spring begins and tree planting season comes to a close, young trees that were planted over the winter are waking up from dormancy and starting to grow in their new home: your yard! There are a few care tips we strongly recommend around this time of year; read more below about the easy things you can do now to ensure your trees thrive this year – and beyond!

Winter Tree Tips

As Nashville’s cold fronts roll in, so do questions about winter care for young trees. If you’re wondering how to keep your trees healthy and safe, we’re answering all your winter weather for trees FAQs. Plus, learn more about winter identification tips for some of this season’s Root Nashville trees!

Meet South Madison’s Neighborhood Planting Captain

When you open yourself up to community, sometimes new and unexpected opportunities emerge. Our multi-season Neighborhood Planting Captain Hettie Greer is a shining example of a local leader leaning in to the power (and fun!) of neighborhood engagement.

Bald Cypress: A Distinctly Different Tree

The bald cypress is a tree of beautiful opposites and surprising characteristics. Discover why professional arborists, community members, and Root Nashville tree recipients love this unique species. The Bald Cypress is one of five free tree options available for neighborhood yards this planting season.

Beat the Heat with Trees

How have you sought the comfort of trees this summer? Learn how shade and evapotranspiration keep us cool.

Planting at Places of Worship

What do Lindsley Avenue Church of Christ, Claiborne Family of Faith Worship Center, and Bethel Church of the Nazarene all have in common? Newly planted trees!

Meet Entrepreneur Deviest Patton of Superlative Lawn Pros

Planting 500,000 trees in Nashville requires a lot of partners, including contractors. We love to support small businesses growing their tree work! Meet one of our preferred partners: business owner Deviest Patton of Superlative Lawn Pros.

Trees as a Natural Climate Solution

In recent years, trees have received a lot of attention as solutions for the climate crisis. But just how effective a strategy is tree planting in combating climate change?