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Plant a tree, grow our city

Nashville is losing trees. Yet our urban tree canopy is critical for the public health and environmental resilience of our city. Our goal is to restore Nashville’s canopy to maintain clean water and air for the future.

Root Nashville is a public-private campaign, led by Metro Nashville and the Cumberland River Compact, to plant 500,000 trees across Davidson County by 2050.

Root for Nashville

There are many ways to plant trees and join the campaign

Trees for neighborhoods

1- 3 free trees for yards, business, or other neighborhood greenspace

Neighborhood planting for Root Nashville
Root Nashville partnering with businesses

Trees for community reforestatione

Receive 10+ free trees for a large-scale site such as businesses, places of worship, farms, or your large yard

Trees for Metro-owned public property

Ideal for schools, libraries, and public right-of-ways

trees for parks and streets


Help the Cumberland River Compact plant 500,000 trees in Davidson County

Register your tree

All newly planted trees can count towards this citywide movement. If you have planted a tree on your own, join the campaign to reach 500,000 trees by 2050 by adding your tree to the TreePlotter map.


Before you can register

Proceed to registering your tree if its trunk is at least 1 inch wide. If your tree’s trunk is less than 1 inch, sign up to receive an email reminder for registering your tree. (Smaller trees can count towards the citywide goal 1 year after they are planted.)

An Equitable Tree Canopy

The health of Nashville residents and the health of our environment are inextricably linked — starting with trees. And yet, trees are not distributed evenly across our city’s neighborhoods. The campaign plants trees in all areas of Davidson County, but prioritizes projects in three geographic areas where the data reveals that increased canopy coverage can make the most difference.

Sign up for Streamlines

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Three million people and thousands of species depend on clean water from the Cumberland River. A strong, healthy tree canopy is one way to ensure that Nashville residents and wildlife have access to clean water. 

Learn more about the Cumberland River Compact and their work to restore and protect the Cumberland River Basin.