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Root Nashville is a public-private campaign, led by Metro Nashville and the Cumberland River Compact, to plant 500,000 trees across Davidson County by 2050.

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Why now?

As Nashville’s footprint grows, we lose valuable tree canopy, and historically neglected neighborhoods continue to experience a disproportionately low percentage of tree canopy. With an estimated population growth of more than 50% in greater Nashville by 2045, maintaining and replanting our urban tree canopy is imperative for the health and resilience of our communities.

An Equitable Tree Canopy

The health of Nashville residents and the health of our environment are inextricably linked — starting with trees. And yet, trees are not distributed evenly across our city’s neighborhoods. Data reveals that three geographic areas in Nashville can benefit greatly from increased canopy coverage, and plantings efforts are focused here.

Clean air

Trees remove pollution from the atmosphere, improving air quality and human health.

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6,300 tons

Our trees remove 854,000 tons of CO2 each year, which is equal to taking 142,000 cars off the road.

Cool city

Trees cool our neighborhoods and reduce the heat island effect by providing shade

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Throwing shade

Nashville experiences 25 more days over 90°F than its surrounding rural counties. Trees can lower temperatures by 1-4°F on summer’s hottest days.

Clean water

Trees absorb and filter stormwater before releasing it into the ground and eventually nearby streams.

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1,500 gallons

A single 10-inch maple tree intercepts over 1,500 gallons of stormwater a year, enough to fill 14 bathtubs.

Conserve energy

Trees planted near buildings can help keep them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

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That's cool!

Trees can help reduce annual heating and cooling costs by 4%.

Get Involved

Whether you give your time planting trees, donate money to help us purchase trees, serve as a planting captain by recruiting your neighbors to plant trees, or just spread the word about our goal, you’re helping improve the health of Nashville’s environment and residents.

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